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This is the official website of the Kingdom of Unixploria, a micronation located within the borders of Sweden. The website features links to Bibliotheca Unixploria, our National Library, and several museums.

You can also find pages for Unixplorian newspapers, clubs, societies, and all other necessities for citizens and visitors of this great nation.

The Flag of the Kingdom of Unixploria

Books, Collections, and Micronational Dreams.

What's New?

A micronation is what most people would call an imagined nation. Others take micronationalism very seriously and wouldn't dream of labeling their nations as made-up states. We are somewhere in between these two opposing views. We take our nation-building very seriously, but all is done tongue-in-cheek.

To better understand the ways of our micronation, we suggest you start your journey on our website by reading about Unixploria.

May your kingdom be as prosperous as the Kingdom of Unixploria!

Regal Greetings and Blessings,

King Leif I

Micronational Dreams

Today in Unixploria


Find out what to celebrate by browsing our Calendar for Holidays and Observances.

The Church of Unixploria

Church of Unixploria


We are an ecumenical Christian church with roots in ancient Christendom. 

Unixplorian Museum of Motion Pictures

Unixplorian Museum of Motion Pictures


  We collect movie magic.

Websites we love

Meet us in nature


Natura Unixploria is an attempt to capture some of nature's magic and a way for us to share our beautiful nature with the world.